william haas(non-registered)
Good meeting you this morning while you were on your way to North Dome. It was a great day on the Yosemite Falls trail!
Martha Rogers(non-registered)
Hello Dr Cummings

I love your pictures and hope they will sell well at SB Cryotherapy

Martha Rogers
Stunning and soulful.
Karen H. Szatkowski (nee Self)(non-registered)
I am grateful to have the opportunity to get to review your beautiful site. Between the wonderful scenes of Alice's Memorial and the spectacular photography, I am especially impressed. I will revisit occasionally to see if you post new wonders.
Jennifer Parsons(non-registered)
How alive these are! The music, the joy of movement, the beauty. Thank you Doug.
MARK BENSON(non-registered)
Great meeting you yesterday! The gas station is the subject of a painting we have by Glenna Hartman, local (late) plein-air pastel artist.
Jill Graham(non-registered)
Such a privilege to be able to see this fabulous photography. The pictures make you feel as if you are there!
Drusilla van Hengel(non-registered)
These images bring clarity to nature's splendor, while conveying the subjects obvious favor for the photographer, who seems at home with them.
Bill Proctor(non-registered)
Beautiful artwork, composition.
I'm glad I don't have to go there to see spectacular vista.
Craig A. Wolfe(non-registered)
Amazing photography.
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